Thursday, September 18, 2008

JUDY!!! It's Awesome!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH Judy!!! You don't know how much this meant to me today! All 3 of my kids have colds. Taylor has been calling home all week, begging for me to come and get her cause she is too sick to stay in school. Umm no kiddo, you just have a cold, toughen up a little bit! So every evening when she gets off the bus we have to hear for hours how rotten we are for not letting her come home when she is so sick!
I spent my morning first in one doctors office learning that I have to have another foot surgey. Then on the phone with someone from a company who owes me money but doesn't feel like writing any more checks this month. Then on the phone with another doctor discussing insurance issues cause my doctor wants an MRI to find out why my arms keep going numb. So while I was waiting for Taylors chicken noodle soup to cook (yes she is home sick today) I went out to get the mail. When I saw the envelope from Judy my tears dried right up. What a wonderful RAK! Thanks Judy!

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Etha said...

Ohh what a wonderful RAK, that put a smile on my face right away, too funny and so true! What a great friend to send you this pick_me_upper!
Hope you feel better soon, don't let the other people aggravate you!