Monday, September 22, 2008

Catch up time again

Well it seems I have fallen a bit behind again. But I am going to use the problem with my neck as an excuse :o) I had the MRI this morning, so I will find out on Wednesday what the problem actually is.
So here is last weeks color challenge- Real Red, Artichoke, and Basic Grey
This one was for the sketch challenge. This are some of my favorited FCD stamps.
The Limited Supplies challenge was to use White, with only 2 other colors. Even coloring the stamped image we were only to use 2 colors. Friday was Talk like a Pirate Day. Since Lyle is such a Pirate fanatic I made this card for him. Cornish Heritage Farms had them on clearance recently so I had to grab them up.
The coffee cards were made for swaps. FCD stamps to add to my coffee stamp collection.
Isn't this one great! Lisa G. did the background tech and it is so shimmery. I think she added some PE powders to the paint. It is really gorgeous!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

JUDY!!! It's Awesome!!!!

Thanks SO MUCH Judy!!! You don't know how much this meant to me today! All 3 of my kids have colds. Taylor has been calling home all week, begging for me to come and get her cause she is too sick to stay in school. Umm no kiddo, you just have a cold, toughen up a little bit! So every evening when she gets off the bus we have to hear for hours how rotten we are for not letting her come home when she is so sick!
I spent my morning first in one doctors office learning that I have to have another foot surgey. Then on the phone with someone from a company who owes me money but doesn't feel like writing any more checks this month. Then on the phone with another doctor discussing insurance issues cause my doctor wants an MRI to find out why my arms keep going numb. So while I was waiting for Taylors chicken noodle soup to cook (yes she is home sick today) I went out to get the mail. When I saw the envelope from Judy my tears dried right up. What a wonderful RAK! Thanks Judy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well everyone is finishing up their pages and getting them mailed so I guess I can go ahead and post this now. I am so excited to start seeing everyones pages!!!

I finished my pages for the masculine swap. What an exciting book! Gosh I can hardly wait to get the finished book back and see what everyone else has done. I did all of my pages with old family photos. I think it was more fun that way. Here is everything I made.

I love this cover!!! This was so much fun to make. That big rusty washer was something Taylor brought home from the park. She is always finding little treasures over there. Most things I tell her have to go in the garbage, but this one was a beauty and I had to have it. She is so sweet it didn't even cost me anything. That big mesh type thing showed up one day about a year ago. I think it was another of Taylors findings, but I threw it in my art box before she claimed it.
This is the inside of the front cover.
If I remember correctly Lyles Great Uncle Fred owned a repair shop. I believe this is his place. That is him over on the left.

Here is Great Uncle Fred again with one of his cars. What an awesome car!
Here is Grandpa August on one of his horses. I wish I knew just how many horses he actually owned. I know there were several.
I don't know who these guys are. I think this photo is in Germany before Grandpa August came to America. It is a fabulous photo and I wish I knew the story behind it, sadly I don't.
Great Uncle Fred again. This photo is so fun! I just get a kick out of Uncle Freds pose.
Again- I don't know who these guys are, another photo from Germany.

These next 3 I have already posted, but wanted to post them again with all the pages. This is Grandpa August.
Another photo of Grandpa August.
This is Lyles dad (the younger one) Rudy, and his brother Fred.
This is my signature page on the back of each page. A couple of the other ladies asked for an extension on this book. I was grateful for that since I hadn't done the backs of any of my pages. Of course then I took on several other projects and didn't have time to create so many different signature pages. I liked how this looked anyway so I did all of them this way.
And this is the inside of the back cover. What a fun fun book this was to work on. And I am glad all these talented artists were part of it. As soon as I get the finished book back I will get all their pages posted.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

FS84 cards

For todays FS challenge at SCS. All 3 of these cards were inspired by Liz. Her home was hit by hurrican Ike so she doesn't even know yet that she is the FS. I hope things get back to normal for you real soon Liz!!

IC145, & ISCC12

For todays Inspiration Challenge. Great colors for fall aren't they.
I also needed a sympathy card. I think the images in this Inque Boutique set work well for sympathy cards.
ISCC12 This one is for the sketch challenge over at ISC. I gave her 3 layers. I think she looks so FAB this way. She also has some gorgeous bling for eyes. Now that I have pulled this set out, I am getting all kinds of fun ideas to do with it again. I am never going to get completely organized in my new studio, cause I have to keep pulling things out before everything is put away. Oh well! I am having fun, broken toe or not!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coffee and Junk!!!

Well since I am moving my studio and dug this out I thought I would post it. One thing I enjoy doing is painting on cork. I did this one over a year ago. I put it away until I found something to finish off the frame with. Out of sight out of mind right! Well I am going to keep it out now until it is finished this time. Taylor is such a good junk finder. When she was little it use to really bug me that she would come home with all this obvious junk! What did she need those things for anyway, what did she see in those things at such a young age. Well here she is at the tender age of 8 and she brought home the most fabulous rusty bit this summer. Of course I asked straight away if I could have it. She is such a sweety, she said yes. It is proudly placed on the cover of my Masculine Chunky book (which I will be sharing soon) I told her "my dear sweet Taylor, you may continue to collect your junk pieces, but you must not pick up sharp things, and please do share with mommy" I think she enjoys her junk hunts even more now. So tonight she brought me a bag full of goodies, which I have yet to sort through. I'm sure there must be something in there to throw on here!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sponge Bob, Pumpkins, Giraffes, and Cuttlebugs

This morning I was ready to get right to the SCS challenge which was to use specialty paper. But Dylan had other plans, he wanted to play. So I said lets make a SpongeBob card. He sat and watched me make it every step of the way. Asking questions, helping out. He is such a cute little artist!! As soon as the card was done he couldn't stop smiling, and giggling. So I asked him if he wanted a Patrick card. OF COURSE he did! He was playing with these things all day. Of course Shelby and Taylor came home from school and pointed out that I forgot Spongebobs nose. BARNICLES!!!!
Then Dylan started asking for the rest of the characters. Gary and Plankton were easy. He really wants Squidward though. Mmmm that might be a bit tougher to do, maybe just the head I think.
I was able to get to the specialty paper though. I used some of the tan and some of the green, prestamped, and prediecut velvet paper. Along with many many FCDbP pumpkins. Makes me anxious for the leaves to change.
This was the card I did for yesterdays sketch challenge. I used the new leaf CB folder, and the tiny mosaic folder. The mosaic is so perfect for giraffe cards.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where have I been?

Well I have been right here! Pretty much glued to my studio chair. I have been working on a good sized order of football cards, and trying to do as many SCS challenges as I can. Today I covered the SCS challenge and an old Wednesday challenge for my WI group. This first card is a photo Lisa posted for the Wednesday challenge a couple of months ago. I actually just got to it. It is such a great photo I printed several photos in 2 sizes. This was the second card I made with the image for the Monochromatic challenge. I will have to make a 3rd though because right after I posted it my mail arrived with my new CB folders. YAY!!!
The leaves are SU, Courage is Onyx Xpressions.
Here is the first card I did with the nude image. This one is 6X6. Vision is Onyx Xpressions.
This one was for the Black Magic tech challenge. This one is 5X7. Stamps are Oxford Impressions.
This was done with the Faux Dry Emboss tech. Stamp is from Blockhead.
And the football cards I have been working on. I made SO MANY! The stamps are Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela. Yep I went with the same layout as my Packer cards for a few of these. Geez their not my teams I don't want to work too hard on them. :)
No this is not Da Bears! It is Broncos. Bears blue is darker.
So NOT Americas Team! But I really like the card.
Oh it burned to make these! It really burned! These colors should not even be in my house. LOL!!!!!