Saturday, March 29, 2008


Remember when Tim Allen made this crazy noise whenever he talked about power tools? Usually when I tell Lyle I need new stamps or some new art supply his eyes glaze over, and I am quite certain the only thing he really hears is "blah blah blah". This morning I told him "I am working on a new project and I need a power tool. Would you go buy me one" I don't think I had all the words out of my mouth and he was SPRINTING into another room to get his shoes on! When he got it home and had to put it together he didn't swear a single time. HA! A man and power tools. No different than a kid in a candy store right!
Well I haven't finished that new project, but here is a card I made a couple days ago. The only stamp on here is the word Elegant which is from Lasting Impressions with Panache. Sorry I can't tell you where the photo is from, I got it from Lisa G. but I don't know where she got it from. The background is the new Waxy Cuttlebug tech created by Vada.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Birthday Inspired!

Well this one wasn't birthday inspired, it is todays color challenge on SCS. The stamps are from Oxford Impressions. The colors for the challenge are Basic Black or Basic Gray, Whisper White, and Bashful Blue.
But these ones are for a few birthday parties the girls are going to this week. The stamps are from SU and TAC. I am so glad I finally have these, I haven't had many birthday stamps before so I always struggled to make cards for the parties the girls went to. The cuttlebug folder really helps too.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Checking in!

I have no new art to share today, but I picked up a few things at Barbras Rubber Room today, and have a few new ideas swimming around my scattered brain. So with any luck I will get something made tonight.
While I was there I ran into my good friend Heidi. She is originally from England and had brought a freind of hers who is visiting from England. Heidi is teaching her friend how to stamp. She said she doesn't know any one back home who stamps. I am going to try fixing that dillema for her!!

Jenny Bamford-Perkins has a blog candy give away if you want to check it out

My wonderful hubby Lyle who is so helpful around the house (yes he even does windows) says dinner is ready. So until later......

Friday, March 21, 2008

Me, My Muse, and My Budding Little Artist!

Apparently my Muse has gone south for warmer weather! I have been feeling totally uninspired. The snow has been melting fast enough, and thankfully we didn't get the snow storm like most of the state got today. But the ground is an icky brown color, it is too cold to do anything outside, and I am just feeling BLAH! I did create this card for the color challenge on SCS earlier this week. Actually this is the second card I made, because the first one was no good. But it took me a couple of days to get the feel for this card.
Today is the first day of "SPRING VACATION" ( I hate spring break, but that is another story) So already after spending a couple of hours out in the cold on the trampolene, spending most of the day with her best friend, and going to her Girl Scout meeting tonight, Taylor announced she was BORED!!! She wanted to make a card for her daddy and it had to have glitter. She wanted to know how to make the glitter look like a stamp. So she picked out some stamps, I showed her how to use the glue pad and she made this card for Lyle. The front is suppose to look like a face.
Then she wanted to know how to make glitter look like lace so I showed her how to do that, and she added it to the inside of the card. Then she drew a frame around it with a crayon. Then she had me write- Dear Daddy, Me & Mommy feel so bad that you have to work so much. Love Taylor, & Mommy.
I know just TOO CUTE right!
Well hopefully we will have sunshine, green grass, and warm weather soon and my Muse will return! Until then Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I created a couple of cards today based on some beauties I saw in the gallery of todays Featured Stamper on SCS. On this first one I used stamps from Byrnin Rubber, Inque Boutique, and Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela. This is the inspiration card
On this second card I used the stamp I had made from one of Lyles old family photos, and Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela. Here is the inspiration card While you are checking out Beckys inspiration cards you should check out the rest of her gallery too, she really does some beautiful work!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Todays inspiration challenge on SCS is Dylans Candy Bar
Yeah you were thinking I meant my Dylan right! Well if that were the case this card would be a big brown smear! LOL!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pretty Pink Carnations!

My sister asked me to make a bunch of birthday cards for her. I think this one will work well. I just love FCD stamps, they are so easy to work with!

What a TREASURE!!!!

Remember this card? I sent this to Lyles aunt, who is the little girl in the photo. She really liked it! Today I recieved a real treasure from her. She sent me a letter Lyles grandmother wrote to her in 1973!!! In the letter grandma talks about my BIL and several of Lyles cousins as babies. It was a real treat to recieve this. Thanks Aunt Margie!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well I may as well share this card since it took me so long to make it. I saw the pattern in an old issue of Stamp It. Been wanting to try it for a long time now, but didn't have the right stamp. Had to give it a try today when my new FCD stamps came. It didn't come out exactly as I planned, guess I will have to give it another try some other time.


I was so anxious for my mail carrier to arrive today. I just KNEW my new Fire Cracker Design stamps would be there. And they were! Of course then I had to spread the glue on them and wait for it to dry. Oh the AGONY of the wait! But the glue did dry, I got them cut out and whipped up this card. I also used the Metallic Alcohol Roll tech from Oct. 07 issue of Technique Junkies, and one of my new cuttlebug folders. It is so hard to choose which folders to use all the time. I love them all. But I really love this new stamp set and can't wait to play with it some more tonight. I have a lot of ideas for it already!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


For the card lottery in my WI group. It was my turn to pick the theme and I decided on Paradise. Of course then I had the hardest time decided how to make my card. It took me forever to get this extremely simple card made. Glad I don't have to pick the theme every month! The stamps are Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela, Rubber Stamp Ave, and I don't know where the flourishes are from. Sorry!

Happy Garden

Todays color challange on SCS- Basic Black, Basic Grey, Purely Pomegranate. I don't buy many of the IN colors but I did happen to buy the PP and the matching ribbon. So I did get to participate in this challenge. I used my Cricut to make the flowers. Didn't have any black brads so had to color some green ones, also had some bling brads that match quite well. Can't remember the stamp company these are from, I picked them up from Barbras Rubber Room a couple of years ago.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Today I thought I would go through my SCS gallery and pick out some of my old cards to redo. I picked out a few and changed the stamps I used, colors, and embies. All stamps are Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela.

On this one I also changed the layout just a bit. That white blob in the middle of the flower is not really a white blob, just a bit of a divet in the UTEE that the scanner really emphasized.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I have not posted most of the week. Sometimes other things just come up and we don't have time to create right! This is the only card I made this week. It was for the Ways to use it challenge on SCS. We were to use our computer to create something for our card. I used the computer to create the word search.
Also used one of my new bug folders, and the Daffodil flowers set from Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela.
Hope to have more to share tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I can't get Red-Castle to work right now so you get this card full sized!
I knew this day would eventually come. It has been talked about for several years now. But I was not prepared to hear the words this morning. I will always remember this day as one of the saddest days of my life- Brett Favre has retired! Had I known this would have been his last season I would have recorded every game so when my son is old enough he could see the greatest football player ever in action. Though I am sure the NFL will put the entire season out on DVD and I will be able to purchase them at the Pro Shop soon.

I know he will continue his good works with his many charities here in Title Town, so we will see him around town now and then. But it will never be the same!

Thanks for the great memories Brett! You will be missed!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pretty card

I forgot to post this card when I made it last week. I used the Dry Emboss Wash tech from Dec. 07 TJNL. The stamp is from Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela. It says "I wish from the bottom of my heart always for you to be happy and healthy" Or something close to that. I have not yet learned to speak or read German! But since the family members who will recieve these cards do I am so happy to have these stamps!

How about a game of basketball?

I know the calender says that spring will be here in less than 3 weeks. But since the winter has already been so long and miserable we are just tired of waiting. Since Dylan has mostly recovered from his eye injury, and has been going stir crazy all winter, I told Lyle to bring the basketball hoop in. Of course it is still full of snow and ice. We just set it on top of a blanket, and threw some towels down to catch the ice dripping off the rim. Dylan is having a blast!!! He's pretty good at it already too. I think we might need to raise it up a bit when we get to play outside again.
Nothing but net! er rim! LOL!

I've Been Tagged!!

I have been tagged by Jennifer Greco
This is a new game of tag, and she really had me racking my brain!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago this month I was planning my wedding. We got married May 1st. Also we had just gotten our foster care license so I was taking care of our 2 year old daughter, and our first of many foster children.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
I was repainting most of the inside of my house, and trying to properly measure our very odd sized counter tops to order new ones.

Name your five favorite snacks.
Chips & Salsa! I can't believe they are 5th on your list Jen. These things are going to kill me yet.

Cashews. I carry a can of these in my van. I always seem to be hungry when I am out running errands.

Girl Scout Samoas! YUMMY!! Is there any more to say?

Snicker bars -refer back to Girl Scout Samoas

Coke- most days I just drink too much good ol' Coca Cola. Fills me right up!

Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Build a big house in Medina, North Dakota. The girls would each have their own room and bathroom. We would have a big art room to share since all of my kids are budding artists. And Lyle would have his "Dad Only" workshop. Of course he would have to let Dylan in though.

Finally take my kids to Disneyland!

Take the honeymoon cruise I never got.

Buy a ton of art supplies I have been drooling over for so long.


Name five things you like doing.
Watching my kids be silly! I don't know if I ever laughed so much in my life before I had kids.

Creating art! It keeps me sane and is so much fun!

Spending time alone with Lyle!

Having lunch with a friend!

Chatting with internet friends!

Name five things you would never wear again.
I have to agree with Jennifer on this one- Maternity clothes!!! I never found a pair of pants long enough for me anyway, why would I ever want to wear them again.

Leather pants- don't ask!

Mini skirts!

Spiked hair- still don't ask!

Big gawdy rings! Why did I ever wear those?

Name your five favorite toys.


My kids 4 wheeler! Ok it isn't mine, but watching them on it just cracks me up!

Computer photo programs. I am still learning them, but they are quite fun!

Scotch ATG gun! Seriously! As big and awkward as that thing looks, it is so easy to use, and it is the best tape I have ever used!

Now who am I going to tag? Do I even know 5 other bloggers? Oh BTW Jen, I am honored that you read my blog everyday! Thanks for the support!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Photo Art Stamps

I had this beautiful old photo of one of Lyles relatives. I have had a lot of fun creating different things with the photo itself, but I really wanted to make a stamp out of it. So I sent it to Amazing Stacey.
This is the image I got from Stacey. Isn't it fabulous!!! I have been busy with other projects and haven't had a chance to make anything with her yet, but she sure takes ink beautifully!!!
If you have some fab family photos you want to ink up check out Staceys Etsy page to see if your photos will work. I will definitely be getting some more!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wednesday Challenges

With my MIL visiting all week, and my 2 year old having a severe eye injury I haven't had much play time. But today while DS was taking a nice long nap and MIL was slaving away in my kitchen making 10 pans of carmel rolls I got caught up on the Wednesday challenges Lisa G. has posted the past several weeks. Sorry I don't know where the images are from as Lisa gets photos from so many great places I can't keep up. This first card I did using the Crumpled Shimmers tech from Aug. 07 Technique Junkies. I used stamps from TAC, Impression Obsession, and and unknown photo stamp.
Look at these cuties! I thought the card with these little guys HAD to be done in Faux Denim! From the Dec. 07 Technique Junkies. The "loved" stamp is from SU. Just wish I could make knots the same on both sides, that and bows are like a thorn in my side!
Of course one of Lisas own techs, Oil Pastel Gesso from Feb. 08 Technique Junkies. Stamps on this are See Ds and Innovative Stamp Creations.
No stamps on this one, just another junkie tech. Metallic Alcohol Roll from Oct. 07.