Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coffee and Junk!!!

Well since I am moving my studio and dug this out I thought I would post it. One thing I enjoy doing is painting on cork. I did this one over a year ago. I put it away until I found something to finish off the frame with. Out of sight out of mind right! Well I am going to keep it out now until it is finished this time. Taylor is such a good junk finder. When she was little it use to really bug me that she would come home with all this obvious junk! What did she need those things for anyway, what did she see in those things at such a young age. Well here she is at the tender age of 8 and she brought home the most fabulous rusty bit this summer. Of course I asked straight away if I could have it. She is such a sweety, she said yes. It is proudly placed on the cover of my Masculine Chunky book (which I will be sharing soon) I told her "my dear sweet Taylor, you may continue to collect your junk pieces, but you must not pick up sharp things, and please do share with mommy" I think she enjoys her junk hunts even more now. So tonight she brought me a bag full of goodies, which I have yet to sort through. I'm sure there must be something in there to throw on here!

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