Sunday, November 16, 2008

My MIL asked me to make some cards for her with pics of my FIL on them. Like the one I made for her using a photo of him as a student. I made a few and sent them off, completely forgetting to scan them. DARN!
Well yesterday would have been his 70th birthday. We made birthday cake in honor of him. He was such a great man and we still miss him so much! SO I thought I would share a few photos of him. This first one is his military photo. He was in Company C 3rd Battalion - 3rd Platoon.
Here he is with my Shelby and our nephew. This is my favorite photo ever. I wish I had a better camera back then and could have zoomed in a bit on this.

And here is Shelby with Grandpa and Grandma. This was the last photo I got of her with both of them. Since she was so young when he died she doesn't have much memory of him. Of course Taylor never met him, but she talks about him all the time and seems to miss him more than anyone, isn't that strange?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Where do you get your inspiration?

I love to pour over the advertisements in the Sunday paper. There are so many great ideas in there.
For instance this purse in last weeks JCPennys ad. Isn't that a beautiful and inspiring purse.

These next 2 cards were created for this weeks SCS Inspiration challenge. Imagine that an Inspiration challenge. I picked this photo I went with the colors for my inspiration. I had this beautiful green shimmer paper I got in a technique swap that I wanted to use and this challenge was perfect. I used the same paper, the same stamp set, and the same embely for both cards, but both are completely different.

These 2 cards were inspired by last weeks SCS sketch challenge.

And this one also incorporates the SCS color challenge. I LOVE sketches!!! They are almost as inspiring all by themselves as the Sunday ads are. Put them together and you can come up with some really great stuff.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Time To Move Forward and Heal

My plan was to create this card for Veterans Day. But since the election is over and we have a new president I think I will go ahead and post it. There are big changes in store for us. It doesn't matter who you voted for. Obama is the president elect and it is time for us to look forward and make some changes for our future. We can only wait and see right!

Did you know Ranger has created some Distress Stickles? Seriously! Check out Tims blog they are so cool. Of course I do not have any, and did not want to use bright yellow stickles on my stars, but I had some gold glitter paint which worked great. I thought I was done with this card, but it really seemed to be missing something. Ribbon to the rescue of course. I am so so happy with this card!!!

Good things come to those who wait.

Well I finally recieved my Masculine Chunky Book! Jan has been running around like a mad woman, but did get the books sent out. I actually recieved mine last Thursday, but was too sick to post. I think the nurse practitioner at my local clinic is crazy. But this post is about my book sooooo Here it is! This first page was done by Alyce. Alyce this key is really cool, much different than I have ever seen before, wherever did you get it?
Back page of Alyces, front of Barbaras. Barbara!!! love the background, did you use flock on there?

Back page of Barbaras, front page of mine. Love the stamp Barbara, whose is it?

Back page of mine front page of Dianes. I love how you did this Diane, all the layers really makes this page. I just love it. Is the photo a real family photo, or from a book? The little Michelan Man is too cute, where did you get him?

Back of Dianes, front of Jans. Diane when I turned the page and saw the glittery bike I was sure this was Robins page. You had me fooled. Jan I think I know who this is, but am not going to put my foot in my mouth. Tell me who it is please, and where you found the photo.

Back of Jans, front of Lindas. Linda I love how this page tells a story. What a great collage!

Back of Lindas front of Lisas. Lisa is the background stamped, or designer paper. Its really cool and I want some. LOVE LOVE LOVE the rusty heart, please share your source!

Back of Lisas front of Robins. Lisa I love the Leonardo stamp, is it from Stampland? Robin!!! Love this page! Where did you find all the little trinkets? Is the background the one we discussed with the model paint?

Back of Robins, front of Sonias. Ok Robin, this background is different, which one is it? Sonia is this just DTP. It looks really cool. You must have done it differently than I ever have. I love the stamps, where are they from?

Back of Sonias page. Just as great as the front!!! Does the man come on the same plate as the wheels?