Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looks like my house!!!

Bwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! What a great card!!!! Want to see the rest of her gallery? She does some great, funny scenes. Check it out

Not So Mythical Serenity

Have you heard of Hotel Fox? It is in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has 61 rooms. Each room has a different theme, all of which were designed by 21 different artists. Todays inspiration comes from this hotel. IC143 at SCS.
My first card was inspired by room 509 Kings Court. I had planned something completely different but got sidetracked and ran out of time so I had to put this together quick.
This card was inspired by Room 405 Lifelines, and Room 304 Self Confidence. This is by far my favorite of the 2.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sorry Maga!

Lyle and I both forgot his moms birthday. Sorry Maga! Your card is on it's way!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Beauty of the Flower

This is the second page spread of the alterd board book I am doing with NGS. The quote is- By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower. Rabindranath Tagore

Grrr!!! I wish my gallery pics wouldn't disapper!!!

It is about time I popped the wing on this butterfly. I can't believe I never thought of it before. This weeks featured stamper was kokirose. I loved this card
And I love CC181 Krafty Black Roses. Just lovely!!!
More Krafty Black Roses for kokirose casing. Her card is This one disappeared from my gallery over night.

This one was for SC191, and Krafty Black Roses :) First time these stamps have seen ink. Perfect sketch for these stamps. This disappered from my gallery over night too. I HATE when that happens.
It looks so much better with the dress form popped.
The FCDbP girls and I were discussing owls the other night. I remembered I had this owl stamp which had never seen ink. So I had to dig it out and play. I did the Metallic Alcohol Roll tech. So much easier than trying to color all these owls.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Silly Boy

Oh look how sweet!
What a silly way to fall asleep!
He was so tuckered!
He couldn't even make it to dinner time!
I better cover him up he is going to get cold!
It is so tough to be 2 years old. You just get tuckered out so quick. Just can't make it through a full day of activities without a power nap.
Well when your day starts out with this much destuction you have to have a rest period. First throw a bunch of books on the floor. Then dig out a lot of toys and put them everywhere. Next..
After several weeks of string ribbon all over the house it is time to move on to toilet paper.
Don't forget to hit the big sisters room too!! Now can I have some breakfast please?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still playing with Oxford Impressions

I have been very busy the past two weeks making things with my OI stamps. But they are all off in the mail, hopefully to be shared another time another place. Hmmmmm!
But this picture is the biggest reason I wanted the School Days set in the first place. This Fantabulous photo is of my FIL Rudy. Here he is bundled up and ready for his walk to school on a cold, (and strangely snowless) winter day in North Dakota. I got a new set of Zig Photo Twin markers today, but ended up using my original set for this photo anyway. The new ones didn't work so well on this photo. Lyle and I have been thinking about Rudy a lot lately. We sure miss you Dad!!!
One of my neighbor girls came over at 6:00 tonight. She said, "my dad wants to know if you can all come over at 7:00 for my brothers birthday party" Darn, I don't have any little boy Bday cards ready. So glad I got this SU set last fall, and the HB from TAC. I love using them together.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


BIG HOORAY FOR MICHEAL PHELPS!!!!! 8 Gold Medals in a single Olympics!!!! That is SOOO AWESOME!!!!!
And BIG HOORAYS for Dara Tores -also a USA Swimmer, she took the silver tonight. And how about Tomesca Dita from Romania who took the gold for the womens marathon. These women ARE my HEROS!!!! Great job ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't even try to flame me with steroids comments! I don't believe it for a minute, and your comments will not be published.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grandma Katarina

I have to post this card quick before I settle in to watch the Olympics for the night. Go USA!!!
This beautiful woman is Lyles grandmother. I just LOVE this picture of her. I have many fabulous pics of her, but this is absolutely one of my FAVES!!! I did the bandana tech on this card, because I had seen a couple Hetty did with the tech and old photos. Hers turned out so beautiful I thought I would see how the tech looked with this card. Pretty good I say!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finished Pages

Here is my finished first pages for this book. What a fun project!!! The next pages are going to be surprising. Trish has us starting out with bright orange and lime green. Hmmmm!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Board Book

I have been working on a board book along with Trish Bees Art Buzz postings. Here is my first 2 pages. Dylan cried when he saw me covering the pages of his book with Gesso. I had to promise to go buy him a new Sponge Bob book. LOL!

Children and Art Supplies

My son is like a little kitten! He has such a blast unrolling my ribbons all over the house, up and down the steps, over and around furniture, then bringing me the cardboard roll and saying "roll it back mom" He has been doing this for well over a month, and I spend most of my day rolling up my ribbons. Last night he wrapped a length of ribbon around a leg on my sewing table several times. Then he got mad when he couldn't pull it for me to roll it up. He also loves my sponges. He insists they are Sponge Bob (yellow), Patrick (pink), Mr. Crabbs (red) and Squidward (blue). Even when I have them cut up into 1 inch squares he will try to take them out of my hand when I am using them. He will be crying "my Sponge Bob" What a funny little character he is.
This one is not so funny, it makes me want to cry! A couple of weeks ago both girls, and one of their friends were using my supplies to make cards for their camp counselors. Several days afterwards I grabbed my Crop a Dile and found it broken. HOW can a little girl break a Crop??? Weren't the crops suppose to be industructable? Ok maybe not! But I still have no idea how they could have done this. And now I am back to pounding my eyelets until I can afford a replacement crop. I am so sad! But I am happy that all of my children love art as much as I do. Edited to add- The pin like part that goes inside the small size eyelets is indeed broken off. But it is good to know someone is actually reading my blog! Thanks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Oxford cards

This set is so much fun!!!! I think I will be playing with it all day again tomorrow!!!!

School Days & Published

This is from my new Oxford Impressions set -School Days. What is up with the pencil? It isn't looking good! I can not find a decent ink for that thing. Oh well, I guess that is an excuse to keep playing isn't it. :0)
How did I forget to post these??? I guess cause I left for vacation the day after I got my VSN issue. But this card was published in the July issue. These stamps are all Oxford Impressions.
Nancie also published this card of mine in the July issue. These stamps are TAC.
And Nancie posted this card of mine on her July gallery. These are FCDbP.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Time for a Cat Nap! Hehehehe!

I have been so busy working on these dog/cat cards for my sisters friend. I think I have about 40 of them so far. Well I think it is time to get them sent to her, and work on some other things for a while. Here are several of the cards. I love this first one, this dog is my favorite!!! Isn't he just so cute!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card by Cindy Haffner!!!!!! Taylor is such a horse lover. I have got to get this stamp and totally CASE this card. For now I tried to do a bit of a CASE for a cat card.
And this is what I came up with. Not quite as good as Cindys, but still nice. I watercolored this one.
And this is the only other cat card I have made for my sisters friend so far. Maybe I will get some more made up next week.