Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What is up with the DMV?

So today I had to go renew my drivers license. And I would just like to know- Is it a requirment to work at the DMV that you are Mean, Nasty, and Pushy?
I mean seriously is your job so bad that you can't say something nice to a person or look them in the eye?
Gee I wish tax payer dollars would pay me to sit on my fat ass all day long and talk to so many different people! I could certainly think of something nice to say to them, and give a bit of a smile, especially during the CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!
Now I am not exagerating, nor making light of one persons attitude. I had to deal with 4 people while I was there today and only the last person had a kind word or even a bit of a smile. I remember being treated the same way the last time I had to go there. They may have remodeled the look of the place, but they sure need to do a lot of work on customer service!!

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