Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cold Enough For Ya?

Did ya miss me? Well I am not going to complain about the weather cause most of the country is suffering through it too. But it is because of how cold it is in my house that I have not been around. It is just too cold to be in the basement very long. So I will post a few things now and get back upstairs.
Here are a few things I got done last week. This first one was the sketch challenge over at SCS last week. It will be Shelbys birthday card next week. Yep my New Years Baby will now be a full fledged teenager. Though she has been acting like one for 3 years already, it will be official next Thursday. WAHHHH!!! She loves that Sassy Happy Bunny so I made her a Sassy Bunny shirt card. LOL!
OH this was the color challenge, well sort of. It was actually Orchid, Saffron, and Coral. But I do not have any Coral because I do not like it. SO I changed it to Real Red. Nope I do NOT like these colors together. But I had to make a card with that cute little Cardinal:)

A checkbook cover my sister has been begging me for. Hmmm, I did this for a challenge, but I can not remember what it was.

This was the hardest card I ever had to make. My oldest dearest friend Dawn lost her mother a couple of weeks ago. When her dad past away 1 1/2 years ago I made a card for her, and one for her mother. For some reason those cards were not as hard to make. I actually had to put off making this for a couple of days. It is a mother/daughter thing I guess. I was not able to attend the funeral which is also upsetting. It is just too hard to get so far away during the school year/winter. But my sister, and my mom went to show support to Dawn for me. I love you Dawn!! You are in my thoughts always!!

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Susan (rainy) said...

WOW!! You've made some wonderful cards!! The sympathy card for your friend is absolutely beautiful.