Monday, August 4, 2008


I have wanted one of these for SOOOO LONG!!!!!!! I didn't even know anyone REALLY made them, until last fall when I made my leg lamp earrings. Well then several people told me they had a leg lamp, or knew someone who owned one. So I did a google search and found many places who had them, but of course they were out of my price range. Well finally I found a place that had an affordable lamp all for me. I ordered it last week, and was completely surprised when I recieved an email on Saturday saying it had been shipped. Then it actually arrived TODAY!!!! I am so happy to have it!!!! Of course Shelby is completely embarrassed and said "none of my friends can EVER see this" Well I am keeping it right by the computer so I guess this means she will finally keep her friends off of my computer. So YAY for that too!!! Hehehe!!!

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FireCracker082 said...

oh my~! My dh would LOVE to have one of these-he he he...him and his dad are just crazy about that movie..RALPHIE, you'll shoot your eye out!!! lol