Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Children and Art Supplies

My son is like a little kitten! He has such a blast unrolling my ribbons all over the house, up and down the steps, over and around furniture, then bringing me the cardboard roll and saying "roll it back mom" He has been doing this for well over a month, and I spend most of my day rolling up my ribbons. Last night he wrapped a length of ribbon around a leg on my sewing table several times. Then he got mad when he couldn't pull it for me to roll it up. He also loves my sponges. He insists they are Sponge Bob (yellow), Patrick (pink), Mr. Crabbs (red) and Squidward (blue). Even when I have them cut up into 1 inch squares he will try to take them out of my hand when I am using them. He will be crying "my Sponge Bob" What a funny little character he is.
This one is not so funny, it makes me want to cry! A couple of weeks ago both girls, and one of their friends were using my supplies to make cards for their camp counselors. Several days afterwards I grabbed my Crop a Dile and found it broken. HOW can a little girl break a Crop??? Weren't the crops suppose to be industructable? Ok maybe not! But I still have no idea how they could have done this. And now I am back to pounding my eyelets until I can afford a replacement crop. I am so sad! But I am happy that all of my children love art as much as I do. Edited to add- The pin like part that goes inside the small size eyelets is indeed broken off. But it is good to know someone is actually reading my blog! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

it's hard to tell from your photo, but i don't see how the cropadile is broken. you can move the two squares around several different ways - maybe the two sides are just not paired up in a favorable way?

Anonymous said...

My crop-a-dial broke too and I broke it! I don't know how it happened but a spring sprung out of it. It was very strange and now I need to buy a new one. What a disappointment as I really liked it. I don't have the receipt so I can't take it back to the place I bought it from.