Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Board Book

I have been working on a board book along with Trish Bees Art Buzz postings. Here is my first 2 pages. Dylan cried when he saw me covering the pages of his book with Gesso. I had to promise to go buy him a new Sponge Bob book. LOL!

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inge said...

Oh, Brenda, the poor boy...;)

Yes, the boardbook project is fun and even with all those weird instructions of Trizz, the books all end up very nice !!

I took a look at some older posts...
I've seen you used the Oxford impressions stamps... I must admit , I have loooots of them ( not yet all...), but I think it's a very nice, versatile line and you can do a lot with them !

I like your cards you did with "school days". I use the vivid inks and a lot of stazon, but also the vintage inks tins and even the detailed stamps, give a very nice print !

greetings and see you at NGS...
Inge from Belgium