Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grrr!!! I wish my gallery pics wouldn't disapper!!!

It is about time I popped the wing on this butterfly. I can't believe I never thought of it before. This weeks featured stamper was kokirose. I loved this card
And I love CC181 Krafty Black Roses. Just lovely!!!
More Krafty Black Roses for kokirose casing. Her card is This one disappeared from my gallery over night.

This one was for SC191, and Krafty Black Roses :) First time these stamps have seen ink. Perfect sketch for these stamps. This disappered from my gallery over night too. I HATE when that happens.
It looks so much better with the dress form popped.
The FCDbP girls and I were discussing owls the other night. I remembered I had this owl stamp which had never seen ink. So I had to dig it out and play. I did the Metallic Alcohol Roll tech. So much easier than trying to color all these owls.

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kc_froglady said...

these are really great! I especially like the butterfly :) I too like to pop things up to give them that added dimension.