Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still playing with Oxford Impressions

I have been very busy the past two weeks making things with my OI stamps. But they are all off in the mail, hopefully to be shared another time another place. Hmmmmm!
But this picture is the biggest reason I wanted the School Days set in the first place. This Fantabulous photo is of my FIL Rudy. Here he is bundled up and ready for his walk to school on a cold, (and strangely snowless) winter day in North Dakota. I got a new set of Zig Photo Twin markers today, but ended up using my original set for this photo anyway. The new ones didn't work so well on this photo. Lyle and I have been thinking about Rudy a lot lately. We sure miss you Dad!!!
One of my neighbor girls came over at 6:00 tonight. She said, "my dad wants to know if you can all come over at 7:00 for my brothers birthday party" Darn, I don't have any little boy Bday cards ready. So glad I got this SU set last fall, and the HB from TAC. I love using them together.

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