Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Being Brave tonight!

Ok Jan I am doing this at your urging. Since it is after midnight I am going to do it quick before I lose my nerve then run up to bed and forget about it!!!
Since the family portrait I painted in high school this is the first canvas I have done that will be seen by anyone outside of my family. This particular canvas has been done, re gessoed, and done again 4 times. The original painting I wanted texture, so this canvas has a couple things on it to add texture which so do not go with the roses. But once I got going on this idea I didn't want to stop. Also my shading is terrible. I have never been good at that. The roses are a few of my own drawings so I am proud of those! The canvas is 16x20. I think I will go ahead and seal this and keep it just to remember not to do this again!
Here are a couple of close ups showing the texture.

And this is one I did with stamps from Rubber Stamp Ave using a vaseline resist tech.
And here is my little artist at work again. Since we got new carpet in the living room a few months ago the kids have enjoyed drawing in it, or making impressions in it with things. Taylor drew Spongebob tonight. He is big, maybe 3 1/2 feet by 2 feet. She is so funny! But what a good job she did huh?

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Jan Hoefler said...

You WERE a brave girl, and I am proud of you for bearing your art & soul!!!
Your piece is interesting with the circles. Very contemporary! I was able to see the texture on the close ups. Very kewl!!!
We are all a work in progress! 16x20 is a large surface!! Keep creating and sharing!