Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One more for tonight.

Just so you know I actually have been creating this week I thought I would post this quick too. It actually isn't done yet, cause I am waiting on an order of larger wire, this stuff just fits it doesn't close. The covers of this book are wood. They use to be a wood mounted stamp. Since I am a nekked stamper though I pulled the stamp off a long time ago. So I cut the block in half to make this book. It will be an anniversary present for Lyle. The picture was taken I think about 1991. Can you believe I could not find any recent pics of us together? Seems there is always a kid in the photo with one of us but never us together! Unbelievable right! LOL!
There are just 2 pages in the book, and the whole book has several different techs in it. I will probably share some more pics of it when it is done.

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Etha said...

This is so beautiful! I am waiting on larger wire as well :) Went to all the stores in town, nobody has the 1.25 inch size, bummer! I actually dreamt that I saw a whole wall of wire in all colors at Archivers, alas, it was a dream! Any day now....LOL I got stuff to bind, I'm in a bind until I do ;)