Sunday, November 16, 2008

My MIL asked me to make some cards for her with pics of my FIL on them. Like the one I made for her using a photo of him as a student. I made a few and sent them off, completely forgetting to scan them. DARN!
Well yesterday would have been his 70th birthday. We made birthday cake in honor of him. He was such a great man and we still miss him so much! SO I thought I would share a few photos of him. This first one is his military photo. He was in Company C 3rd Battalion - 3rd Platoon.
Here he is with my Shelby and our nephew. This is my favorite photo ever. I wish I had a better camera back then and could have zoomed in a bit on this.

And here is Shelby with Grandpa and Grandma. This was the last photo I got of her with both of them. Since she was so young when he died she doesn't have much memory of him. Of course Taylor never met him, but she talks about him all the time and seems to miss him more than anyone, isn't that strange?

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