Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wednesday Challenges

With my MIL visiting all week, and my 2 year old having a severe eye injury I haven't had much play time. But today while DS was taking a nice long nap and MIL was slaving away in my kitchen making 10 pans of carmel rolls I got caught up on the Wednesday challenges Lisa G. has posted the past several weeks. Sorry I don't know where the images are from as Lisa gets photos from so many great places I can't keep up. This first card I did using the Crumpled Shimmers tech from Aug. 07 Technique Junkies. I used stamps from TAC, Impression Obsession, and and unknown photo stamp.
Look at these cuties! I thought the card with these little guys HAD to be done in Faux Denim! From the Dec. 07 Technique Junkies. The "loved" stamp is from SU. Just wish I could make knots the same on both sides, that and bows are like a thorn in my side!
Of course one of Lisas own techs, Oil Pastel Gesso from Feb. 08 Technique Junkies. Stamps on this are See Ds and Innovative Stamp Creations.
No stamps on this one, just another junkie tech. Metallic Alcohol Roll from Oct. 07.

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FireCracker082 said...

love them all!! terrific lady image, even if there isn't any stamping on it!