Friday, March 21, 2008

Me, My Muse, and My Budding Little Artist!

Apparently my Muse has gone south for warmer weather! I have been feeling totally uninspired. The snow has been melting fast enough, and thankfully we didn't get the snow storm like most of the state got today. But the ground is an icky brown color, it is too cold to do anything outside, and I am just feeling BLAH! I did create this card for the color challenge on SCS earlier this week. Actually this is the second card I made, because the first one was no good. But it took me a couple of days to get the feel for this card.
Today is the first day of "SPRING VACATION" ( I hate spring break, but that is another story) So already after spending a couple of hours out in the cold on the trampolene, spending most of the day with her best friend, and going to her Girl Scout meeting tonight, Taylor announced she was BORED!!! She wanted to make a card for her daddy and it had to have glitter. She wanted to know how to make the glitter look like a stamp. So she picked out some stamps, I showed her how to use the glue pad and she made this card for Lyle. The front is suppose to look like a face.
Then she wanted to know how to make glitter look like lace so I showed her how to do that, and she added it to the inside of the card. Then she drew a frame around it with a crayon. Then she had me write- Dear Daddy, Me & Mommy feel so bad that you have to work so much. Love Taylor, & Mommy.
I know just TOO CUTE right!
Well hopefully we will have sunshine, green grass, and warm weather soon and my Muse will return! Until then Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...
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Etha said...

Oh wow you DO have a budding artist there!! what fun. OK, so how DO you make the glitter look like a stamp?? I have tried everything with the glue pad, heated the glue and then poured the glitter on, did it without heating, it always rubs off afterwards. Do I need to take glossy paper only for this? Do I need to wait a long time for it to dry after the glitter is on? I tried pressing the glitter on with all my might, nothing seems to work.