Saturday, February 16, 2008


In the September 2003 issue of The Rubber Stamper there is an article by Martha Stites along with this picture of her stamping area. I have always loved the article she wrote about how MOST of us can not afford those many thousand of dollar room makeovers. And how we can be just as happy and productive in our tiny little areas. We can be just as creative thinking up ways to store our things as we can creating our art. So here are a couple photos of my space as it looks this very minute. I have about 8 feet of space on a concrete wall. Lyle and I had a real hard time hanging that shelf that he made for me. We have 3 drills, but none of them like to go through concrete. There is a lot of weight on it though and it has been up for maybe 4 years so we must have done a good job. Over to the right are 2 magazine racks I got from a gift store when they went out of business. Beyond that is my childrens "Creative Space
To the left of where I am standing there is a shelf that holds my 12x12 papers, several books, and the few stamps that are still mounted. (if you look close you can see a sliver of the shelf- it is yellow) Beside it is a cd rack full of naked stamps. That's it! Everything else is in this picture. There are all those drawers you can see in the pic, there is also an iris cart under the desk which you can barely see behind the chair. Also on the side by that door there is another 3 drawers. And of course there is the mess of magazines on the floor there. Those are not always there, but usually something is! Yes my creative space is small, messy, and not really organized. But I make it work and get a lot of creating done here. Well except when I am working on a canvas. Then I have to go into the laundry room and work! What a creative mess there is on top of my chest freezer!

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Deb said...

I think its wonderful! Its bigger than mine! But its "our" place so who could love it more! Enjoyed looking at all your goodies! Thanks for sharing!