Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Masculine pages

I was so nervous to get started on this swap, but I am having so much fun!!! I am enjoying this one more than I did the Vintage Women swap. Of course on that swap I made all my pages the same. On this page I used the Zig photo markers again. I don't have all of them, and I really NEED them. I kept getting either green or orange hair on the boys. It does look quite orange here again, but that is just from the scan. I really did get it toned down to a nice blond color by going over the marker with a white prisma pencil. This is the page I want to keep for my book (well I really want to keep them all, but that isn't fair). The little guy here is my FIL when he was about the same age as my son is now. My son looks so much like him, with the grumpy look on his face and all. So this is my favorite page so far.
This page came together so easy thanks to Barbara W. who sent me all the old German books, and Etha S. who told me the old German word for gentleman. Once I decided on this picture of Lyles grandfather, I just had to go with a "Gentleman" theme.
I like most of this page, just still undecided on the letters I added. I might take them off and add some kind of hardware.

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