Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treasure Hunting at the Tracks

I just had to share this art doll made by Taylor, my 9 year old. Oh Em Geee!!!! (thats how she talks LOL)
We love to go for "treasure hunts" and we go down by the railroad tracks quite a bit. So when we had some unseasonably warm weather about 10 days ago we took my neice and nephew for their very first treasure hunt. We will need to go on a few more before they love them as much as Taylor and I do. But they (all of us) found some great stuff.
Yesterday was the first day of Spring Break and Taylor decided to pull out her bag of treasures and make something. She found an empty nail polish bottle in her room and put this doll together. Everything except the bottle is what she found at the tracks. The only thing I did for her was to color the bottle with Alcohol Inks (I am not willing to give her free reign with my precious inks yet) I think she did such a fabulous job!!
Those are some pretty awesome knee caps. hehehe

I don't know why she gave him a sad mouth, but he looks pretty cool. He even has a cool little hat.


Jan Hoefler said...

He dosn't look sad! I thought he had a moooosetash.
I think he's adorable. VERY, VERY creative!

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Oh Brenda (and Taylor)....I LOVE the art doll!!! And with all found/recycled things...that makes it even better. It is thoughtful, imaginative, and very, very creative. He/she is also very blue....is this tied in with the sad face in any way? Way to go Taylor!!! "Loocks" like you will be following in Mommy's footsteps..and right on her heels from the looks of it!!! You go girl!!! Hisses, Rockin Robin

Anonymous said...

Very clever for a 9-year old! Keep the creative juices flowing.


Pat Moore said...

Such imagination. I am so thrilled to see something made from scratch. ....Pat M

FireCracker082 said...

SHe did a terrrific job! I was thinking it looks like a cat....not sad at all!! grin...PUURRRFECT!

BarbaraW said...

My grandson says "Oooooo" and that's a good thing. I think the art doll has a moustache too. He looks very distinguished. Love his hat! Taylor, you're very creative!
Barbara W

Dawn said...

Fantabulous, and I agree he looks like he has a tash!
brilliant doll!!!