Monday, February 9, 2009

How about some Valentines

Well since our household size increased by 2 it has gotten a bit harder to find any art time, let alone blog time too. Most of you know that Lyle and I are adopting my neice and nephew. They have been here a week now. Time management has never been my strong point anyway, so we are all learning here.
My MIL is coming to visit, she will be here Sunday. Then the week after she leaves all the kids start swimming, gymnastics, or tea kwon do classes. And at the end of the month I get to go on my annual ( though I missed out last year) Stamp Away Weekend with the girls! Oh so looking forward to that!
So until I have some new art to share- here are some cards I did about a month ago for a SCS challenge. The challenge was to make a card front only, something the kids could use for Valentine cards in class. This one is a good one for the little guys. Dylan is SOOO in to rockets, thanks to Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear. Too Infinity and Beyond!
This one is just cute for any girl. Oh yes, another part of the challenge was we could only use neutral colors, with red or pink. So even though I had intended this card for Shelby, I could not make the bug purple.

Hey, I remembered I had a Fiskars Border Punch, got to pull it out for this one.

This card is BIG! The stamp was big so the card had to be big. It is a full sheet of cs folded in half. Also used SC211 for this one.

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