Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gosh I am so far behind on cards and ATCs. And I still need to finish the 6th book for my neighbors family. But my little man turned 3 yesterday and that is just more important! When I asked him about 6 weeks ago what he wanted for his birthday, I meant for a present. But his answer was a very excited "I want a Dinosaur Cake" So I just had to make one for him. My dad has a distant cousin who is an expert cake designer. I however do not have that talent. I found directions for this online, and did my best to frost it. Dylan didn't care what the frosting looked like.
He can hardly stand the excitement as I start across the kitchen towards him with his cake.

He starts blowing out the candles before I even have the cake set down.

What a happy guy! And a bit of a grumpy sister.

YAY! WAC A MOLE! He has been wanting this for so long. I found it on clearance at Target.com, it was only $7. something. If you get this for your children you must be someone who is not bothered by noisy toys. He played with this all night, and most of today already. Just pounding and pounding over and over. He really loves it!

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