Sunday, January 13, 2008

Now for the actual tech!

Ok, so I am still learning the process of posting on blogs! I will just repeat what I put in the last post. This technique -Frog in a Blender- was created and named by my talented artist friend Rockin Robin Caldwell. She shared it with the art world in the October 2006 issue of the Technique Junkies newsletter. She is now allowing me to share it with you here. This is her baby! All the credit for this tech should always go to her. She is able to do full size sheets without leaving white corners anywhere, which as you can tell from the pics below, I am not that good at it yet:)

Supplies needed:
Future Floor Finish, Cardstock, reinkers or color wash sprays (I am using Alcohol reinkers for this), a container big enough for your cardstock to lay flat in, and a stir stick. In these pics I am showing making full size and quarter size sheets in containers of different sizes.
Start by putting a thin layer of floor finish in the container, add some of the colorings you chose and stir slightly to make the colors run through each other, not to mix them into new colors.

Lay your cardstock on top of the color floor finish mixture press down slightly and lift straight up. Try not to let the colors run together as you flip the cardstock over.

Lay your pieces aside to dry. You will have a very different look on each sheet even if you use the same colors each time. I was lucky enough to recieve a full size sheet from Robin not to long ago. She had done both sides of the sheet and it was GORGEOUS! I would share it with you here, but I have already used it on different projects. Robin also said she irons her sheets when they have dried. If you get any wrinkling give that a try. The first time I did this tech I used way too much floor finish and had a thick layer of it on my cardstock which cracked and did not look good. If this happens for you just remember to use less floor finish.

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Preemie Mom said...

what a wicked technique!! Thanks for sharing!