Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fiskars meets the Cuttlebug!

Since my fellow DT members at Fire Cracker Designs by Pamela have added my blog to theirs I guess I better start using it. I will start with this little experiment I did of figuring out how to use all my previously unusable Fiskars texture plates with the Cuttlebug.
Start by spritzing both sides of the CS with water.
Next layer from the bottom up Cuttlebug Plate A, Fiskars plate, CS, a folded up paper towel or two depending on the thickeness, a piece of foam, Cuttlebug Plate C. Run this through the Bug.
Now look at that beautiful design!!! And wasn't that easy! Just wait for it to dry, or speed dry with your heat gun.


Etha said...

neato!! I had just seen your icture on the TJ email, this is much bettah!! I have a ton of those texture plates and will definitely try your cuttlebug version :) thanks for sharing!!

firecracker82 said...

totally great tut Brenda! I will post a link on my site to this tut as well....keep it up GF!

LadyDoc said...

This looks great. I also have about 25 of those texture plates and didn't use them- too much trouble with that hand thing. Now I will use them!

However, what exactly do you mean by "a piece of foam"? What kind of foam? TIA!

Another Loock Creations said...

Fun Foam! The stuff you get at Hobby Lobby or Micheals, even WalMart. It comes in sheets 8 1/2 X 11 or bigger. Just cut off a piece small enough to fit through the bug.