Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Never give up!

The craft show I did on the 17th was a bust. I only made $13. Wasn't even worth my time to drive up there or anything.Those of us with booths figure the lady who set it up just asked us to join so she wouldn't have to pay to rent the building for her own sale. She had 6 tables of her stuff and pretty much the only people who came were her customers. She was very rude to other venders too. Oh well, win some lose some. I am doing another show this weekend at the mall. It is a 3 day sale, so hopefully I will do a bit better than $13.

I am trying to get some more kid stuff made quick before Thursday night set up. This is a childs journal I made today.
Well I might as well post some of the other kid stuff I have been working on. Here are a couple more journals and some autograph books.

Ok, why do the pics always cluster together like that. If I wanted them all together I would have posted them all at the same time.

Oh I guess I better say some of these stamped images are Stampin Up.

Back to the therapy zone!

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